Top 10 KBC 25,00,000 Lottery Winners Today | KBC Winner List 2021

KBC lottery winner 2021 show has become part of most households in India because of so many reasons. The KBC lottery winner 2021 prizes are massive. The game is fun, and there are a lot of things to learn from it. The exciting thing about this game is that everyone has an equal opportunity of being a KBC lottery winner.
In this website you will find how you can become a KBC lottery winner in the upcoming season 2021. You should need to learn the rules of the game and how to play kbc 25 lakh lottery safely, and without any fear of fake callers. In this website we will also show the latest KBC winner list 2021. So call KBC head office number 0019188444479.

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 25 Lakh List

We are updating all the KBC lottery winner 2021 25 lakh list regularly on this website now we are also showing the JIO KBC lottery winner list of 2021. Similarly you can also match your KBC lottery number

No:KBC Lottery Winner 2021 25 Lakh List Today:Lottery Amount:Lottery Number:Winner Mobile#:
1.Mr. Imran Khan DK25,00,0000055847*****837
2.Mr. Amir King AK25,00,0008991928*****829
3.Haider Ali PK25,00,0000077998*****728
4.Mr. Rahul Singh25,00,00089912811*****721
5.Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta25,00,0001001093677*****872
6.Vinod Kumar Singh25,00,0000150767*****822

This is the latest KBC lottery winner 2021 25 lakh list if you are a KBC lottery winner but your number is not showing in this KBC winners list please contact KBC head office number +19188444479.

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 25 Lakh list WhatsApp

Checkout the KBC lottery winner 2021 25 Lakh list WhatsApp and winning city and date:

  • Mr. Manoj Kumar Chaudhari Lottery Amount 25 lakhs City Kolkata Date 01-01-2021
  • Mr. Dipankar Bhattacharya Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Kolkata Date 01-01-2021
  • Ms. Alisha Khan Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Mumbai Date 01-01-2021.
  • Mr. Ishan Kishan Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Mumbai Date 01-01-2021.
  • Mr. Abhiram Mishra Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Delhi Date 01-01-2021.
  • Ms. Akriti Anand Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Pune Date 01-01-2021
  • Mr. Aakash Chopra Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City Gujrat Date 01-01-2021
  • Mr. Abhinav Mishra Lottery Amount 25 Lakh City New Delhi Date 01-01-2021.

For more information about kbc winner list 2021 or about jio kbc winner list 2021 please call kbc head office number which is 0019188444479.

KBC lottery winner guidelines

  • There are two opportunities every month to be a KBC lottery winner. You can take part without undergoing any registration process.
  • Recharge your sim card often, and your number will be included in the live show. Your sim card provider will send your number over to be included in the lottery.
  • Reach out to our official contact numbers for all enquiries about registration, participation, and prizes. You can do this via email or WhatsApp.

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Check If you are a KBC lottery winner

If you are interested in checking your lottery status, log on to our official website. Next, type in your mobile number and lottery number on our website and check to see if you are a KBC lottery winner. You should always do this if you receive a call, telling you that you are a winner.

We regularly update our site with the winners of the current season. An alternative is to call any of our helplines. Our customer service is always on the ground to assist you. If you do not have a lottery number, contact us, and we will provide you with one.

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Dear customer, several numbers may call you, claiming to be KBC officials. Do not believe this. They are only trying to use the lottery prize to trap you and take away all the money that you have worked for. If you notice this, bring the attention of the KBC head office number to it. We will not hesitate to take action against the fake callers within our capacity. For more information about kbc 25 lakh lottery information please keep visiting kbc official website

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List WhatsApp

KBC Lottery Fake Calls

It is important to emphasize again that you should not pay any amount of money in cash or through online transfer until you gave confirmed it with us. The steps are straightforward, and you just need to confirm it with us. Many of the fake callers are from Pakistan or cyber fraudsters. You should be on the lookout for certain number codes like +923***** or +121******.

As a rule of thumb, never trust an incoming call related to KBC lottery winner until otherwise proven. Your security comes first. Furthermore, never announce any of your private details. Fraudsters have learned to use all forms of tricks, so we want to avoid giving them any chance.

Get ready!

Life becomes much simpler being a KBC lottery winner. Irrespective of where you reside in the country, you can make history and become a KBC lottery winner. KBC has rightfully earned the trust of people for being real and not a scam. Therefore, we assure you that we will always remain committed to you.

You can expand your knowledge base by participating in our online forums and Facebook groups. We wish you the very best and hope that you become a KBC lottery winner soonest. Stay connected to KBC.

KBC Lucky Draw 2021

Kbc lucky draw 2021 is also known by the name of kbc lucky draw of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Because Amitabh is the host of kbc online lucky draw 2021. So You can participate in this lucky draw through your sim card easily. Similarly if you interest to participate in the kbc 25 lakh lucky draw. Finally you just need to keep recharging your jio sim card daily. Furthermore Kbc give two chances in a month to the all kbc sim card user to win the kbc prize online. So if you win the kbc lottery you don’t do anything you just call on kbc head office number to collect your cash prize.

Dear jio sim card user if you want to win jio lottery 2021 online please follow some kbc rule:

  • If you don’t have a jio sim card please buy a new jio sim card to become kbc winner.
  • Keep recharging your sim daily the more you will recharge the more you will get chance to win kbc lottery winner 2021.
  • For more information please call us on kbc head office number which is 0019188444454.

For instance please call kbc jio head office number to get latest lottery updates. So don’t be late and call kbc head office number 0019188444454. Even if you want to participate in kbc lucky draw 2021 you can also contact above mention number.

KBC Lottery Winner List 2020 of Previous Year

Now checkout the previous year KBC lottery winner list 2020 and checkout the KBC lottery number and winner mobile number

No:KBC Winner 2021 Name:Lottery Number:Winner Mobile #:Lottery Amount
1.Mr. Anisha Sharma1001057837****73725,00,000
2.Mr. Nitin Yadav029723849****73825,00,000
3.Anish Kumar736528983****63825,00,000
4.Mr. Ajeet Singh039827901****82225,00,000
5.Mr. Ram Pandey542638764****11225,00,000

Dear kbc lottery winner 2021 of kbc we have mention above all kbc registered lottery numbers. So if you receive any other lottery number like, 8991, 89910, 89917, 1155, 0150, 122 ,0011, 707, 1122, 89961 and 89917 please don’t belive on these numbers because these numbers are fake lottery numbers. So if you receive this kind of lottery number please report kbc 25 lakh lottery head office 0019188444454.